"She does look like me...she is pretty"

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I am an 80s baby. Growing up I hardly ever saw dolls that looked like me and when we did it was like snatch them up now because I swear they only made 1 for all the little black girls of the world.

It was until I was in high school that Black barbies who weren’t apart of a special collections, not a Barbie at all (they came out as Barbies friends) and actually were more than a white Barbie in black face came out. Okay maybe THAT was a bit harsh but you catch my drift.

It was during that time that I asked my parents, who had been buying me Barbies for years anyway, to specifically buy me the Black Holiday Collection Barbie. I have over 25 holiday Collection Black Barbies in my Collection, I missed some years but I am determined to get them. My parents passed the torch to my husband who got me this one for Valentines Day so I had 2017 :-)

I reposted this video on my Facebook and while I am aghast that someone would dare ask a child this...it caused me to wonder if this would have been asked of a black child? Would you have been able to say that there are plenty of dolls back there that look like you?! Probably not! It’s hard to find a black doll especially if you don’t live in a “black area” or where “we” are supposed to live…and I won’t even comment on the crappy makeup selection...this blog is NOT about that lol.

I love that this little beautiful didn’t see color when she picked up this doll. She just knew she was a doctor, was pretty and that she wanted it! Another huge round of applause to her mother who NEVER questioned it!

Our journey for equality and equal representation is far from over but beautiful acts like this that this little girl displayed give me hope.

Now I’m off to write a stern letter to Target about this very RUDE employee….

Black Beauty....at its finest


If you spend over 7 billion dollars ANNUALLY in an industry don’t you believe that you should be represented effectively and with products that cater to you?

As a black woman who is in love with beauty and of the richer complexion, I can’t count how many times I have felt overlooked in the beauty industry. New collection coming out I immediately want to see the deepest shade of foundation they have and then hope and pray not only does it match my skin tone but they haven’t limited the undertone variations. I don’t believe in spending $50+ on a foundation to then have to pull out my makeup artistry skills and knowledge of color theory to work magic so that it doesn’t have my ashy or orange. However, most of the time, especially when it comes to tints, bb creams, etc...well us rich complexion beauty’s are often completely left out. {{Kanye shrug}}

Most, wouldn’t support a BRAND let alone a WHOLE INDUSTRY that continues to neglect our vast rays of beauty, however as Women of Color what are we to do? Settle? Or create our own?

Next week I will be 37 years old, I have been a makeup artist since I was 28 and into beauty heavy deep since I can remember. I mean I was the 6th grader will a full set of nails and going to get my hair done every 2 weeks like clock work. I am the girly girl. To me, beauty is BEAUTIFUL...and EVERY WOMAN/MAN should be able to look their best with confidence. We should all be able to be glammed out knowing that these products were made with us in mind and not just an afterthought.

Large brands like Maybelline, MAC, Tarte, etc won’t completely neglect us because that would just be detrimental to their brand. They dare not put out a crazy ad like H&M but they are slapping us in the face in the same why by completely ignoring our shade variations, by putting out a single dark shade and believing that they have done their due diligence in the women of color arena. We are spending money with these companies so why are consistently ignored?

So (as I step down from my soapbox) I have decided to dedicate this beautiful blog and my Youtube channel to showcase and share my love of businesses that cater to WOC and are black business owned. Its time we support those that are standing up for us! I was super hesitant to stir my beauty influenster journey in this direction because it is limiting my audience but if I can just help one brand get recognition for their amazing products, if I can get a fellow beauty lover like myself to see that there are companies out there that cater to us...then I have done my job!

I aim to be the one stop show for Black Owned Beauty Reviews and I promise I will not disappoint. This is bigger than just me and the companies but we need to start investing in the hopes and dreams of our community. There are a ton of beauty companies out there that are striving to give us the service, product and needs we keep saying we are lacking but because they are not SMACK in our face we tend to overlook them! No more! I am here to shed light on this hidden gems and hopefully you will take a chance and try them out.